You First. Corporate Life Will Have To Come Second.

This meme sums it all up about a lot of the corporate culture. There was a time when corporations cared about you and the good job you did, and if something happened to you, they would send out the cavalry to look for you. Your employer caring about your well-being (in some cases) is no longer. If you passed away tomorrow, it is likely; you will be replaced.

You should always do your job well, but do it because it is what you FEEL you should do, and not because you are looking to earn brownie points.



What are your thoughts? Has this happened to you or someone you know? How did you bounce back from feeling as if your corporate employer did not appreciate you and the work you did? Always use your sick and vacation days is the moral of this story. Otherwise, you may end up ‘looking’ like the person in this meme.


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