Singing Nurse Is Helping Patients On Their Road To Healing [Video]

What an AWESOME story! God Bless Kathleen Sarnes of Staten Island,  and other medical professionals like her. She is a singing nurse who has made it known to the world that she has seen music heal.

I was starting to lose faith in some medical professionals after recent visits to the ER. A lot of them seemed as if they lacked compassion and empathy, and I thought to myself, ‘there have to be medical professionals out there who still care.’

Sure, I have a fantastic doctor who tries his best to be sympathetic to the needs of his patients. Then, there was the ER doctor I had recently, Dr. Scott (a young 35-year-old doctor) and a lovely nurse by the name of Adrian. They restored my belief in what seems to be a flawed medical system.


We know a lot of medical professionals work a lot of long hours, but that is no reason to forget that you are in a field where it comes with the territory, and you entered the field, initially, to hopefully save lives. We would love to hear your experiences with medical professionals in your area, and if you are a medical professional — we, at, would love to hear from you, too.


Photo credit: Today

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