See How Some Celebs Are Trying To Help Ease The Coronvirus Anxiety Of Their Fans

It is a pleasure to see celebrities try to help ease the anxiety of people who do not know where this world is headed during this Coronavirus saga. It is soothing to know that celebs are not staying in their plush places ignoring the issues of their fans.  Thank goodness for social media during these times.

Grammy-winner, Lizzo led a beautiful meditation

Yo-Yo Ma wanted to give us ‘songs of comfort’ for the soul

Actor, Steve Martin gives us a Banjo good time…

Comedian Jim Gaffigan is opening up his life and family to us. Mi casa es su casa!

 Lizzo, Josh Gad, Steve Martin, and more celebrities are helping out with the Coronavirus anxiety of others. What are you doing to ease your anxiety?

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