is based out of Philadelphia, PA, and was founded by former print journalist, humanitarian, and Penn State University alumna, Kenyetta’ Native’ McKinney, MA. They are a team of free spirits with dope vibes and good energy and have vowed to be a platform for those who need encouragement in their day-to-day life.

‘I have been a long-time sufferer of clinical depression, so I know how important it is to need an inspirational pick me up. I also believe in karma if I don’t believe in anything else, so why not make it all about positive karma. This project is near and dear to me because I genuinely like to hear about good news and people succeeding. I’ve always been told I should be an activist and have won several humanitarian awards over the years. My empathy level for people is somewhat obsessive. I have an amazing life story to tell (so I’m told), and one day, I will tell it. My belief that obstacles can be overcome is from real-life experiences. It is not something that anyone has had to tell me. With this website, we wanted it to be a positive online environment for people who may need a dose of inspiration and hope,’ stated McKinney.

All things inspirational (both original and curated content of good news from around the Internet) will reside here. Hopefully, they can help some people in the process. The good folks here at believe in what they are doing here and will continue to ensure that goodwill help to balance out the evil that we hear about in the world today.